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[06 Aug 2005|01:34pm]
so0o excited =my party tonite!!!

lauras ova g2g


[02 Aug 2005|04:06pm]
[ mood | peaceful ]

wow.. today.. very very very very fun!.. I don't really feel like writting all about it, but it was fun!
hung out with thomas all day and 3 of our new Freshman friends who thomas totaly smoked out.. haha they are such big stoners! haha it was just great.We left bellaire to go take Joe home, and evans car was right infront of thomas's and i was like haha i should spit on it, and who walks up.. evan.. haha so like he gives me this real muggin look so i haucked up so much spit and spit it at him and we peeled off, so then we realise that evan is comming down the other street and starts chasing us, so he got behind us and we were going REALLY SLOW then we just speed up and he gets like right on our tail and then we moved into tha other lane and he gets RIGHT beside us going the same speed and all the windows our down and im screaming at him at the top of my lungs about some shit that happend the other night and how he possibly keyed my best friends car b/c he's a fat ass like that, so we all stop at a red light RIGHT INFRONT OF THE POLICE STATION, and evan gets out of his car with a frikken crowbar and comes up to thomas's car and were tryin to put all tha windows up really fast, and there were people behind us and aside who saw tha whole thing and we just sped off.. i mean does that fag really have anything better to do then to mess with people. I mean come on we are all fuckin juniors this year, leave all the drama and everything else behind ahhhhhhhh. anyways so i saw s0o many friends @ school today, and my schedule is s0ooooo fucked up.. they didn't even give me wrestling. so that like really pisses me off.. anyways then me n thomas went and got lunch, then went to charles's house where jenny and natalie were there. then we all hung out for awhile then me n thomas left. anyways lauras comming over soon to spend the night, so I'll write later



[31 Jul 2005|08:16pm]
[ mood | energetic ]

The new room is completley done. The only thing I have to do now is paint the bathroom and the closet and it's all done! It's s0o adorable! I think Im gonna go take pictures and then post them on here! I <3 it.

So I just read Allys journal and it was like "I got half of megans birthday present when I saw it, it SCREAMED megan all over it" when I read it I got like REALLY excited for my party because it's only 6 days away! my gosh! It's going to be so0o much fun!.. ok and like I keep putting "whos comming to my house after the party" "who wants to spend tha night" and NO ONE responds to it, So I'm guessing it's just gonna be me and laura? oh well.. we'll have our own fun in tha new room!

yippie yi motha fuckin yayaaaooooooooo


anyways Im out.. so post a comment



[31 Jul 2005|08:13pm]
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[30 Jul 2005|07:02pm]
[ mood | ecstatic ]

My whole outfit for my party is picked out and it is HOT! =)

I'm soo excited.. I was like haha mom i should be on that super sweet 16 show! .. ohh yeah! it's going to be MaDd FUNn! AND it's only 7 frikken days away!

ahh I need to call my DJ tomorow, cuz i totaly forgot to do it today, theres some songs I want to make sure that he'll have.

Saturday morning me and laura are supposed to go and get our nails done, and im getting my hair done.. def. gonna be cute!

on another note! The new room is all done! S0o pink! it's sooo cute! and i can move everything in on monday! we spent all day painting and i LOVE it.. I can't wait untill I get to paint the bathroom and everything! but that's gonna be done another day, b/c I still need to put tileing in.. then I get to work on tha patio that my room leads out to.. haha oh yeah there are s0o many great advantages about it.. theres a door that leads from the outside straight into my room, so I now have a key so like when I get home from somewhere I can just go through the gate and into my room.. haha that's just great! and Im thinkin pink lawn chairs and tiki lights to hang.. im thinkin a BIG after party on saturday.. I can't frikken wait.. so yeah who's comming to my house after tha party? lemme kno

anyways.. Natalies 17th birthday party is on Friday and that's going to be so0o much funn! :D yay she's turning 17 and im only turning 16 :( haha hooww saaddd

so this is tha line-up for what's happenin!

7 days- Birthday partyy

9 days- Birrtttthhhhddaaayyyy

11 days- JESSE MCCARTNEY W/ LAURA!! holy shit im soo fukin excited!


[29 Jul 2005|03:35pm]
[ mood | energetic ]

sweet bitches please add me!


add the new LJ! its soo adorable!


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